Fishing Permit

  1. One-day, type "A" - catch and release
  2. Three-days, type "A" - catch and release
  3. One-year, type "A" - catch and release


Catching the Fish

  1. When fishing in the fishing ground, the fishing person must carry a fishing license, an identity document and a fishing permit.
  2. The permitted method of fishing in the fishing ground is fishing with a rod using an artificial fly and a typical fly-fishing gear: fly fishing rod, reel, line.
  3. When fishing using an artificial fly, one fishing rod (held in hand during fishing) should be used; another rod is not cast. The fishing rod has no more than 2 hooklinks with simple hooks without barbs. An artificial fly is defined as a lure that imitates insects or other organisms. The lure is not equipped with accessories that increase irritation of fish, such as spinner. When fishing, fishermen should maintain a distance of at least 20 m between each other, unless they agree to a shorter one.
  4. When fishing in the fishing ground, it is prohibited to:
    1. use explosive, toxic or narcotic substances
    2. use spikes of any kind, traps, lines without rods, forks and y-shaped sticks, as well as to shoot fish, beat fish, catch them with cords, hands and snares
    3. use electricity to fish, to fish under ice
    4. fish selected species of fish for the duration of their protection period, in order to protect their reproduction
    5. fish selected species of fish which have not reached the minimum fishing length, in order to protect those species
    6. fish outside the daily fishing hours in order to protect fish stocks
    7. fish from roads and rail bridges
    8. fish in places where fish have accumulated under extremely low water levels or in case of harmful water pollution; to catch fish accumulated for overwintering and reproduction, to fish for fish fry, unless such measures are made by the user of the fishing ground to save fish or to transfer them to other waters.


Protection Periods of Fish in the Fishing Ground

  1. From December 1 to April 15, all fish species in the fishing grounds are protected. Brown trout, brook trout and grayling are protected year-round.


The Minimum and Maximum Fishing Lengths of Selected Fish Species in the Fishing Ground, the Way of Measuring the Length of the Fish.

  1. The length of the fish should be measured from the top of the snout to the end of the longest rays of the tail fin.
  2. The daily limit for keeping salmonid fish (rainbow trout) is one piece with a maximum length of 45 cm. The condition for keeping the fish is the purchase of a special "B" permit. By keeping the caught rainbow trout, fishing is over for the day and the validity of the permit expires.
  3. Keeping predatory and otherwise harmful fish is without a daily limit (pike, zander, perch, chub, asp).


Daily Fishing Hours in the Fishing Grounds

  1. Daily fishing hours in the fishing grounds are:
    1. in April from 6am to 8pm,
    2. in May from 6am to 9pm,
    3. in June and July from 5am to 10pm,
    4. in August from 6am to 10pm,
    5. in September from 7am to 8 pm,
    6. in October and November from 7am to 7pm.


Other Provisions

  1. When catching a fish, the fisherman must treat it gently. The fish which is being returned back into the water needs to be released from the hook without any unnecessary manipulation and, if possible, this should be done inside the water. If the hook is stuck deep in the esophagus, it must be cut off with a knife or scissors. Taking out the caught fish on the riverside or its improper return into the water will be considered a serious violation of this provision.
  2. If the fisherman catches a fish which is tagged for scientific reasons, he/she determines the species of the fish, measures its length and finds out its weight. In case of a fish referred to in section 15 par. 1, he/she records the shape, color and, where appropriate, the tag number and reports the recorded data to the user of the fishing ground; the report should indicate the time and place of catching. In case of a fish not referred to in section 15 par. 1, he/she records the fish length and weight data in the hunting permit and reports the data to the user of the fishing ground; the time and place of the catch and the tag number should be indicated in the report.
  3. If pike, chub, perch, catfish, asp or zander are caught in a trout fishing ground, this fish is not returned to the trout fishing ground.
  4. Compulsory equipment for fishing is: a typical fly-fishing gear, ruler/tape to measure the fish length, a pean/hemostat or other hook-releasing tool, hand net.
  5. Within 24 hours after its expiration, the permit should be returned to the issuer. To return the permit, drop it into the box at the fish hatchery in Rabí 134 (GPS 49°16'30.77"N, 13°37'07.93"E, on the left behind the road bridge over the Otava River on the Žichovice - Rabí route). If you do not return the permit, issue of another permit will be refused.


Authority of the Fishing Guard

The fishing guard of the fishing ground is authorized to:

  1. inspect
    1. people catching fish or aquatic organisms, whether they are authorized to fish and whether they carry out fishing properly
    2. fishing gear, contents of a fishing boat/tank/other equipment used for preservation of fish (e.g. car) belonging to people catching fish or aquatic organisms and caught fish/organisms, in terms of compliance with the fishing law
    3. people fishing by means of electricity, in order to determine whether they have a permit for this method of fishing issued by the appropriate authority as well as whether they have the necessary certificate demonstrating their qualification to work with electrical equipment during fishing and a certificate documenting safe use of the electrical equipment for fishing.
  2. require
    1. an identity document, a valid fishing license and a valid fishing permit from a person catching fish or aquatic organisms
    2. a fishing license, a fishing permit or other document authorizing to fish, or a document on the acquisition of fish or aquatic organism from a person reasonably suspected of having committed a misdemeanor or a criminal act in the immediate vicinity of the fishing grounds,
    3. co-operation or assistance of the bodies of the Police of the Czech Republic or the municipal police, if unable to perform the duty of the fishing guard on his own.
  3. retain
    1. a fishing permit of a person who has violated the obligations stipulated by this Act and deliver it within 5 working days to the organization which issued the permit,
    2. caught fish, fishing equipment of a person who has committed a misdemeanor or a criminal act or is reasonably suspected of committing a crime.
  4. enter land, buildings, weirs, fish ladders and other facilities if it is absolutely necessary to carry out the duties of the fishing guard and to use existing access routes for this purpose,
  5. to deal with misdemeanors according to this Act by an on-the-spot order.


Final Provision

The individual provisions of the Fishing Rules are considered to be the more detailed terms and conditions for the exercise of fishing rights in the Otava 6 fishing grounds of Klatovské rybářství a.s., within the meaning of Section 13, paragraph 9 of Act No. 99/2004 of Coll.



Terms and Conditions

1. General Provisions

By ordering a fishing permit, fisherman accepts these Terms and Conditions. The relationships between the fisherman and the operator of the “Otava 6” fishing ground are governed by these Terms and Conditions and the relevant provisions of 89/2012 of Coll., the Civil Code. In addition, the fisherman has the obligation to abide by the fishing rules of “Otava 6”.

2. Subject of the Contract

The subject of the contract is to allow the exercise of the fishing right in “Otava 6”. The exercise of the fishing right will be granted on the basis of an issued fishing permit (hereinafter referred to as the "permit").

3. Establishment of a Contractual Relationship

By sending the order and paying the permit price, a contractual relationship is established. The operator of the fishing grounds provides an opportunity to exercise the fishing right in “Otava 6” on the booked date. By making the payment, the fisherman expresses his or her explicit and unconditional consent to the content of the Terms and Conditions and the fishing rules.

4. Withdrawal from the Contract and Cancellation Fees

The cancellation of the fishing reservation must be made in writing, unless agreed otherwise. In such a case, the contractual relationship is deemed terminated and the fisherman is entitled to a refund of a proportion of the paid price of the permit less the cancellation fee, depending on the cancellation period:

21 days or more before the booked date - 0% cancellation fee
14 days or more before the booked date - 50% cancellation fee
7 days or less before the booked date - 100% cancellation fee

The paid price of the permit reduced by the cancellation fee will be returned to the tenant’s account within 5 business days.

5. Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of the Operator of the Fishing Grounds

The operator of the fishing grounds has the obligations to:
- allow the fisherman to fish in “Otava 6”
- properly stock “Otava 6”

The operator of the fishing grounds has the rights to:

- refuse to grant the permit to a fisherman who has been in breach of the fishing rules or the Terms and Conditions in the past
- perform inspections of the compliance with the fishing rules and delegate such inspections to third-parties

The operator of the fishing grounds is not responsible for any damage to the health or property of the fisherman and is not responsible for any damage caused by the fisherman to the health or property of third parties.

6. Rights, Obligations and Responsibilities of the Fisherman

The fisherman has the right to fish in “Otava 6” and is not entitled to transfer the fishing right to a third party.

The fisherman has the obligations to:

- comply with the current fishing rules for “Otava 6”
- behave considerately to the environment and comply with valid environmental legislation
- submit to the inspection of the fishing guard and the operator of the fishing grounds.

7. Privacy Policy

By registering and submitting the order, the fisherman agrees that his or her data will be included in the fishing grounds operator’s database for purposes necessary to the conclusion of the contract and payments. The operator of the fishing grounds undertakes to handle personal data in accordance with applicable Czech law and not to provide such data to third parties.

8. Other provisions

These Terms and Conditions become effective on March 15, 2018, are publicly accessible on the fishing grounds operator's website and form an integral part of the contractual relationship between the operator and the fisherman. By submitting the order, the fisherman acknowledges that he or she has read these Terms and Conditions, understands them and agrees with them unconditionally. The operator of the fishing grounds reserves the right to change or update these Terms and Conditions.

Klatovy, March 5, 2018
Ing. Václav Voráček, member of the board of directors

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